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  • LWA Laser welded wall saw blade

    Designed for:◆Reinforced concrete and brick.                  ◆Universal wet cutting blades.                   ◆Provide fast and smooth cutting with long life.

  • SCB-C Sintered continuous rim blade

    Designed for:◆Ceramic tiles and porcelain.                   ◆Soft bond and precise tolerance control provide fast cutting. Value for money continuous rim blade for dry or wet cutting.

  • SSA-D Segmented blade

    Designed for:◆Brick,block,concrete,masonry and stone.         ◆General purpose blade with fast cutting and long life.

  • SSE Segmented blade with drop-segment

    Designed for:◆Abrasive material , concrete , brick , block .             ◆For fast and smooth cutting with long life . The drop-segment can well protect the blade from undercutting .

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