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  • LDC Laser welded blade

    Designed for:◆Concrete , reinforced concrete and concrete with asphalt .     ◆Drop-segments can protect the blade from undercutting .      ◆For up to 65HP walk behind saw .

  • LFC Laser welded stone blade

    Designed for:◆Stones .                            ◆Laser blades with standard core for wet cutting granite and stone . The narrow U slots can provide fast and smooth cutting .

  • LFD Laser welded sandwich silent core stone blade

    Designed for:◆Concrete and granite .                      ◆The narrow U slot can provide fast and smooth cutting . The sandwich steel core can reduce noise while cutting .

  • BWA Brazed wall saw blade

    Designed for:◆Reinforced concrete and brick.                 ◆Universal wet cutting blades.                   ◆Provide fast and smooth cutting with long life.

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