• SSA-D Segmented blade

    Designed for:◆Brick,block,concrete,masonry and stone.         ◆General purpose blade with fast cutting and long life.

  • SSE Segmented blade with drop-segment

    Designed for:◆Abrasive material , concrete , brick , block .             ◆For fast and smooth cutting with long life . The drop-segment can well protect the blade from undercutting .

  • SSG Sintered segmented blade

    Designed for:◆Concrete , brick , block , masonry and stone .            ◆Special cooling hole in steel core for better cooling .

  • SSJ Turbo segmented blade

    Designed for:◆Hard brick, hard concrete, masonry and stone.          ◆Special segment and slot for better cooling and better dust removal, with fast and smooth cutting.                    ◆15mm segment provides extremely long life.

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